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‘Being Digital’ as an Organisational ...

‘Being Digital’ as an Organisational Capability

This article original posted on David Trafford and Peter Boggis argue that if organisations are serious about becoming ‘more digital’, they need to give focus and attention to developing ‘being digital’ as an organisational capability. They describe the seven conditions that need to be in place to develop and sustain this capability.  All organisations […]


governance decision making

Are you looking for a definition of Governance? I have found one in my search across the internet that might fit for you as well.  Mel Gill’s has provided one of the few useful definitions of governance: The processes, structures and organizational traditions that determine how power is exercised, how stakeholders have their say, how decisions […]



Unfortunately most strategies are too complicated, too detailed or too vague to be meaningful to the people who are expected to implement them.They lack a meaningful set of clearly articulated principles that define how the organization needs to operate in the future. In Richard Rumelt’s best-selling book “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy” he argues that the gap […]

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Use what you know from your customer to make the customer relation personal. Typical data about purchase history, shopping lists, personal discounts, VIP priviliges triggers for remarketing etc. Provide your customer accurate and real-time information only, so you make it relevant for him and easy to decide on the content of your products and services. […]