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Customer engagement

  • customer_engagementUse what you know from your customer to make the customer relation personal. Typical data about purchase history, shopping lists, personal discounts, VIP priviliges triggers for remarketing etc.
  • Provide your customer accurate and real-time information only, so you make it relevant for him and easy to decide on the content of your products and services. This includes typically price comparisons, reviews, social media links, extensive detailed product and services information.
  • Help him, by surprise, by seduction, by triggering him at the right moment and to have the best customer experience. Entertain, make it easy and convenient to order and reorder, provide usage stories, have a clear navigation and keep it simple.
  • Offer a good proposition with convenience in selection and reservation. Be reliable and show trust. Typical items that cover the offering are a good return policy, free delivery/return, package deals, choice of delivery, click and collect navigation, best buy, location based information, easy product configurations.

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