Change is constant, everything moves, listen to silence



Unfortunately most strategies are too complicated, too detailed or too vague to be meaningful to the people who are expected to implement them.They lack a meaningful set of clearly articulated principles that define how the organization needs to operate in the future.

In Richard Rumelt’s best-selling book “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy” he argues that the gap between good strategy and the jumble of things people label as ‘strategy’ has grown over the years and that strategy is not the same as ambition, leadership, vision, planning or understanding the logic of competition.Freek Vermeulen of the London Business School argues in his article “So, you think you have a strategy?” that at least nine out of ten organizations don’t actually have a genuine strategy.His conclusion is based upon viewing many strategy presentations that lack the basic necessities of cogent and executable strategy, namely that they are not really making choices; are stuck in the status quo; have no relationship to value creation; and are mistaking objectives for strategy.



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